Designing an Efficient Onboarding Flow for HR Nexus

A Case Study
Broadstone Consulting, the world's leading human resources consulting firm, seeks to further its mission of enhancing the lives of millions by offering timely HR insights and advice. Recognizing the evolving digital landscape and the demand for on-demand consultancy, Broadstone envisions the creation of the HRNexus Marketplace (“HRN”) - a dynamic platform to connect employers with top-tier HR consultants.
Project Objective
Our task was to design and execute the HRN platform, ensuring a seamless experience for two primary user groups: the "Pros" (HR experts) and the "Clients" (those seeking HR advice). The platform would serve as a bridge, enabling clients to swiftly find and collaborate with professionals tailored to their specific needs.
Design Phase
Throughout the design phase, our primary objective was to capture the essence of the client's requirement and ensure it resonates throughout our design.

The tasks involved were both collaborative and individual.

Understanding Broadstone Consulting Innovation Hub's Value Proposition: This vital step required a deep dive into the organization's core values and vision. My teammate, May, and I collaboratively decoded the ethos and goals that set Broadstone apart.
Design Phase (Solo endeavor)

Mapping User Journeys: This step involved meticulously charting the user's journey through the platform. Every interaction was documented, ensuring a seamless and intuitive flow for both the "Pros" and "Clients".

Creating Interaction Flow Maps and Comprehensive Design: Continuing on a solo trajectory, I took the lead in formulating interaction flow maps. Additionally, I dedicated time to craft a user-centric experience, realized through detailed wireframes, prototypes, and key visual designs optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.Through these structured tasks, the project balanced teamwork's synergy with individual creativity and expertise.
Account Creation Flow: Crafting an intuitive sign-up experience.

Booking Confirmation (Client-side): Allowing clients to easily verify their consultation bookings.

Service Listing (HR Expert-side): Enabling experts to list and advertise their services.
My Focus
In this multifaceted project, my specific concentration spanned three pivotal touch points:

For wireframing and user journey mapping, my narrowed scope revolved around account creation/onboarding and the booking process.